MACOM Technology Solutions Inc., announced that it will conduct product demonstrations directly from its US design centers to its worldwide customers in private, one-on-one interactive demonstrations by video conference.  MACOM will not be attending the upcoming Optical Networking and Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC) due to increased concerns over the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

MACOM will use video conferencing to showcase its newest optoelectronic and photonic products and components between March 8th and 12th, 2020.  Demonstrations will be available to MACOM’s customers during regular show hours, and are scheduled to commence every 30 minutes, between 9:00 A.M. PT and 5:00 P.M. PT.  Demonstrations will be hosted by MACOM’s optical and high-speed data design and applications engineering teams.  Customers will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with MACOM staff during the demonstrations. To schedule a demo, please contact MACOM sales, or email

OFC 2020 Live Streaming Video Demonstrations Include:

DEMO #1:  100Gbps DR/FR PAM4 Product Demonstration

  • Leveraging MACOM’s latest PRISM™ DSP, 53 Gbaud TIA, and high-speed photodiode, this demonstration showcases an operating 100Gbps DR/FR PAM4 link over 2km of fiber. This chipset is ideally suited for point-to-point or 4 x 100Gbps breakout applications in the Data Center.

DEMO #2:  Secure 50Gbps PAM4 Mid Haul for 5G Wireless

  • This demonstration showcases a complete 50Gbps PAM4 transmit and receive link over 10/20km fiber with Ethernet security.  It features five MACOM ICs including the PRISM-50 DSP, silicon photonics, 26Gbaud TIA, and high-speed photodetector.  Ethernet security is provided by MACOM’S dual 100Gbps MACSec PHY, which also features both RS(544, 514) and RS(528,514) FEC.

DEMO #3:  100Gbps PAM4 Customer Interoperability

  • This demonstration highlights MACOM’s latest 100Gbps single lambda PAM4 DSP chip in a leading OEM’s 100G FR QSFP28 module. This exhibit includes a PAM4 100Gpbs bi-directional link covering both 2km and 10km on single mode fiber.

DEMO #4:  200/400Gbps PAM4 Open Eye MSA Solutions

  • This demonstration showcases MACOM’s high-speed analog chipset in modules that are compliant with the 200Gbps Open Eye MSA standards.  It includes single mode modules and 200Gbps and 400Gbps multimode AOC modules plugged into commercial Ethernet switches supporting QSFP and QSFP-DD slots with 4x53Gbps and 8x53Gbps electrical interfaces. MACOM will demonstrate its analog chipset is interoperable with IEEE compliant DSP-based modules.

To schedule a demo, please contact MACOM sales or email us at

We invite our customers to video conference with MACOM’s engineers to learn how our newest products are enabling high-speed next-generation PON, Wireless, and Wireline Telecom and Cloud Data Center networks.