ERNI has expanded its SMC Series connector and cable assembly offering to support a wide range of industrial applications. The family of dual row SMC small form 1.27 mm [.050"] pitch connectors are more popular than ever due to multiple connector configuration options. Supporting both board-to-board and wire-to-board applications in the same connector series, the SMC family is ideal for a wide range of wireless remote applications used in rugged industrial environments.

The SMC Series is available in a wide range of pincounts from 12 to 80 positions and mezzanine stack heights from 8.0 mm to 20.0 mm in a standard configuration. Additional stack heights are available from 20.0 mm to 40.0 mm when utilizing board to board adapters. Several board to board distances are also available in coplanar and orthogonal orientations. Many standard-length ribbon cable assemblies are available with additional lengths possible upon request.

Ideal for handheld and remote controllers, the SMC connector includes a mezzanine board-to-board extender option that allows up to 40 mm separation in an extended height, parallel applications. A female SMC IDC cable assembly supports the wire-to-board requirements with various pincount options and a reliable latch design.

"Combining a compact and robust design with design flexibility and versatility, the SMC Series is ideal for applications with limited space like handheld industrial controllers," said Sam Hines, Product Marketing Engineer at ERNI.

The SMC offers secure data transmission rates up to 3 Gbps and current carrying capacity of 1.7A per contact. SMT terminations offer enhanced strain relief for harsh environment industrial applications. The SMC design also provides 0.7 mm misalignment tolerance and guide features.

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