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EDI CON Online AUGUST 11 KEYNOTE: Semi-Additive PCB Process: New Possibilities From PCB Design to Product Performance


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8/11/21 10:00 am to 8/11/21 10:30 am EDT

Event Description

EDI CON Online

Title: AUGUST 11 KEYNOTE: Semi-Additive PCB Process: New Possibilities From PCB Design to Product Performance

Date: August 11, 2021

Time: 7am PT / 10am ET

Sponsored by: Averatek

Presented by: Tara Dunn, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Averatek

Historically, Semi-Additive PCB processing (SAP) has only been available - and practical - for a narrow range of high-volume consumer electronics applications. Now these processes have been implemented at selected facilities in the USA: qualified fabricators can serve a variety of market segments, including high-mix low-volume applications and quick-turn delivery.  This breakthrough advancement opens new possibilities for the PCB industry, from design to end-product performance.

Traditional subtractive-etch fabrication processes carry constraints on line width and space, driving complexity in PCB designs constrained with tight pin-out requirements.  Advanced semi-additive processes reset that technology curve, allowing fabricators to manufacture with 25-micron trace and space - and below.

This session will open with an overview of the size, weight and power (SWOP) advantages to advanced semi-additive processes, then take a deeper dive: to focus on improvements in signal integrity, performance, and impedance control. There are distinct benefits with taller, narrower traces, so we will introduce design considerations for routing narrower lines.  Our session will conclude with real-world case studies, illustrating how these fine feature sizes are successfully applied to realize next-generation electronics.

Presenter Bio:

Tara Dunn has over 20 years of experience in electronics manufacturing, sales and marketing.  She is recognized as an industry expert in the areas of additive technologies, flex/rigid flex, HDI, RF microwave designs, and microelectronics.

As Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Averatek Corporation, Tara is responsible for technical engagement with the commercial and government sectors.  She translates her company’s revolutionary technologies for new applications and facilitates success for business partners and their customers. Averatek develops key chemistries and advanced manufacturing processes for next-generation electronics, notably the breakthrough A-SAP™ technology set – which can increase PCB reliability while reducing size and weight by 90% compared to traditional processes.

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