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HIGH SPEED DIGITAL 3D EM FORUM: Folding and Simulating a Rigid-Flex PCB: It is Easier than You Might Think


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5/26/21 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST

Event Description

High Speed Digital 3D EM Forum

Title: Folding and Simulating a Rigid-Flex PCB: It is Easier than You Might Think

Date: May 26, 2021

Time: 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Presented by: Yuchu He, Hardware Engineer, Google

Modern-day electronic devices (such as mobile phones, laptops, wearables, among others) are more complicated than ever in designs and at the same time becoming smaller and smaller in footprint size. This puts a lot of challenges in front of designers to come up with new PCB designs. One such design that is heavily utilized is Rigid-Flex PCB, due to its ability to fit in small form factor, light weight and cost-effective. Electromagnetic (EM) analysis of Rigid-Flex PCBs has always been a challenging task for many commercially available 3D numerical solver technologies (FEM & FDTD), due to the complexity in the 3D designs. Much of the complexity comes from bending of the board into small spaces and usage of hatched ground and power planes. The goal of this presentation is twofold. First, we present the details of the fully automated Rigid-Flex workflow to carry out a full-wave 3D FEM simulation using Clarity 3D Solver. Second, we show the advantages of the automatic parametrization of the bending parameters that helped mitigate the adverse radiated emissions which resulted from the flex bending.

Presenter Bio:
Yuchu He received  his Ph.D from the University of Toronto, ON, Canada in 2018. He has extensive experience in design, simulation, and experimental characterization of various electromagnetic structures such as transmission line structures, antennas, radomes at microwave and millimeter-wave frequency; and lenses at optical frequency (>200THz). Currently, he is working in the Google Pixel team, focused on signal integrity, power integrity, and RF desense issues. He also serves as the guest editor in the System and Test-Bed Design Section, Frontiers in Communications and Networks.

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