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PCB Design for EMC and Signal Integrity Seminar


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5/17/21 8:00 am to 5/18/21 3:00 pm PST


Location: Online

Event Description

Are you and your team members of the electronics community that believe EMC is “Black Magic,” and to be feared? Is signal integrity made from “unobtainium”? Is the status quo at your company to “expect to fail EMC testing”? Can you really afford to lose time and money in your quest for compliance? Then, this is the class for you! It’s all about the space! 

We all are involved with developing products which generate, control, and consume ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD ENERGY. This is not what we are taught. Circuit theory suggests that electrical energy is made up of electrons moving in the conductors. Switches add conductors, and the current instantly starts to move in the loop. The wires carry the energy, and the load instantly responds to the flow of energy. WRONG!! Switches add new spaces, and the moving field carries the energy. 

Day 1: The Science Lesson: It’s Still All About the Space! 

- Electromagnetic Fields for Normal Folks 
- Novel Power Distribution System Design 

Day 2: Simple Rules You Can Depend On: Designing the Spaces, Not the Traces 

- Effective PCB Design: Techniques to Improve Performance 
- Feeding the Beast: Consumption-based PCB design