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EDI CON Online: How to Characterize PCB Materials to 50 GHz


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10/13/20 11:00 am to 10/13/20 11:30 am EST

Event Description

EDI CON Online

Title: How to Characterize PCB Materials to 50 GHz

Date: October 13, 2020

Time: 8:00am PT / 11:00am ET

Presented by: James Drewniak, Curator’s Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Missouri S&T EMC Laboratory

Characterizing PCB materials for Dk and Df of the dielectric materials, as well as the surface roughness can be challenging.  A typical build will often have core and pre-preg materials with Dks that can vary by 10-15%.   For low loss materials with Dfs less than 0.005, extraction of Df can be difficult.  Further, separating the dielectric loss from the surface roughness loss adds to the complexity of characterizing the losses.  This presentation will give examples of different behaviors in the S-parameters and single-bit response of materials for loss, and multiple Dks.  Then an approach for characterizing the materials will be presented.

Presenter Bio:

James Drewniak received BS, MS, and PhD degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and was with the Missouri S&T EMC Laboratory for 28 years as a professor.  His research interests are in signal and power integrity, electronic packaging, and EMC.  Upon retirement in 2019, he became president of Clear Signal Solutions, a software company developing a tool set for S-parameter measurements and applications.

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