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Techniques for Balancing Power and Frequency Performance for Thick Film RF Terminations


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9/12/19 11:30 am to 9/12/19 12:00 pm EDT


Location: Online

Event Description

Title: Techniques for Balancing Power and Frequency Performance for Thick Film RF Terminations

Date: September 12, 2019

Time: 8:30am PT / 11:30am ET

Sponsored by: International Manufacturing Services (IMS)

Presented by: Westley Laquerre, Applications Engineer and J.J. Silvia III, VP Operations & Engineering, International Manufacturing Services (IMS)

Designers of RF electronics are often faced with limitations imposed by components. One of the most common limitations is designing very high power while achieving good high RF characteristics. In terms of termination components design approaches including novel resistor and trim geometry, chip orientation, ideal input termination size, and a pre-tuning of DC ohm value to match system impedance at high frequency can be used to optimize balance competing performance parameters. The cost, electrical, and thermal characteristics of Aluminum Nitride vs CVD Diamond can be further compared to investigate what combination of component features produce the most useful combination of resulting component behavior to support next generation RF designs with high power.

Presenters Bio:

Westley Laquerre – Applications Engineer at International Manufacturing Services (IMS). Westley joined IMS in 2019 after several years supporting professional audio applications. He has contributed at IMS in new product development and technical customer support. Westley manages customer application studies with a specialty in EM simulation and investigating the effect of physical component features as they relate to installed RF performance. 

J.J. Silvia, III – J.J. serves as VP Operations and Engineering at IMS with over 15 years of experience in manufacturing. Previous experience includes aerospace thermo-fluids and heat transfer research. JJ is a BSME, MBA and completed PhD studies on the subject of novel metallization technology for alumina and aluminum nitride thick film.

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