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Sierra Circuits
1108 West Evelyn Avenue
Sunnyvale CA 94086
United States

Since 1986, Sierra Circuits has been a leading supplier of high technology, quickturn Printed Circuit Boards.

From PCB layout and design to assembly and manufacturing, Sierra Circuits handles all aspects of PCB production. This means we can provide our customers with unprecedented quality, reliability, and a single point of support!

High Density Interconnect (HDI) Boards

Our HDI capabilities include laser microvias, blind and buried vias, fine lines and spaces, sequential lamination, via-in-pad technology. We have provided microelectronic pcbs with fine pitch devices down to 200 microns, using 50 micron laser drilled via-in-pad technology and thin build-up materials. Upload your data and receive a free consultation and review of your HDI design today or contact us if you need any design help.



3-in-1 Trace Width Calculator

This tool incorporates a unique 3-in-1 feature to calculate the trace width, maximum current capacity, and temperature rise above the ambient for both internal and external layers. This calculator abides by the latest IPC-2152 standard.

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No Touch PCB

Our No Touch self-service ordering system enables you to specify two-layer, four-layer, and six-layer prototype PCBs entirely online for quickturn delivery at the minimum cost. Using No Touch, you can automatically verify your design, get a quote, and submit your order in one smooth transaction.

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Turnkey Pro

Use Turnkey Pro, to quote and order PCBs and assembly at the click of a button. Turnkey Pro offers true quick turn PCB assembly: online, and on time. This is the first true quickturn web-based self-service that allows customers to order circuit boards and assembly services at once-and in 5 minutes.

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