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Top 5 Blogs of All Time

December 13, 2021

As rated by reader views, here are the Top 5, Most Read Blogs on SIJ of all time. Thank you for your continued readership, as we look forward to bringing you many more great features in 2022 and beyond!

Blog 1

DDR Memory Interface Basics

By David Maliniak

In this DDR 101 introductory piece, learn about the fundamentals of a DDR interface and some basics of physical-layer testing. Read on to see more.

Blog 2

Seven Habits of Successful 2-Layer Board Designers

By Eric Bogatin

If performance matters, if the interconnects are not transparent, or if you want to develop good habits, you will want to incorporate these seven habits in your next two layer board design. Read on to see more.

Blog 3

What is Differential Impedance and Why do We Care?

By Bert Simonovich

We care about maintaining the same differential impedance for the same reason we care about maintaining the same instantaneous impedance of a single-ended (SE) transmission line: to avoid reflections. SIJ’s EAB member Bert Simonovich explains the fundamentals and why it matters. Read on to see more.

Blog 4

Back to Basics: Bandwidth and Rise Time

By Eric Bogatin

Eric explains the figures of merit in the time and frequency domain, and he steps through how to get a rough measure of the highest frequency components in a signal. Read on to see more.

Blog 5

PCI Express Gen5 is Coming: What You Need to Know for Tx Measurements

By Rick Eads

While we all love increased network speed, there is an implied assumption that the backbone speeds of the internet will keep up with this rising demand placed upon it by millions of new 5G devices. PCIe 5.0 (or Gen5) represents the technology that is needed by the computer, data center, and ultimately the 5G wireless industry to enable the next generation of mobile and desktop applications. Read on to see more.



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