This is a list of SI/PI/EMC/EMI consultants based on recommendations from industry experts and is not intended to be inclusive of all available consultants in the industry. The Signal Integrity Journal does not specifically endorse any of these consultants. Please use the comments section if you have suggestions on how this section of the SI Journal can be improved and made more useful.

Benjamin Dannan
Signal Edge Solutions, LLC 
Baltimore, MD 


  • End-to-end SI/PI simulation and modeling (Keysight ADS)
  • Measurement-based model development and precision measurements focused on power integrity and signal integrity success

Signal Edge Solutions is a certified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB). From the VRM to ASIC, we're got your power integrity and signal integrity covered. SI/PI is part of our DNA! Our passion is Signal Integrity and Power Integrity. We provide real-world solutions for your most challenging SI/PI/EMC applications.

Services include:

  • Electromagnetic (EM) extractions of packages, substrates, and PCBs
  • End-to-end signal integrity simulation and modeling of high-speed memory and SerDes channels
  • Power integrity simulation and PDN analysis from the VRM to the ASIC
  • Measurement-based model development for VRMs and passive components
  • PCB Stack-Up design services
  • Design Reviews
  • SI/PI training
  • Technical Writing Services

Benjamin Dannan is an experienced signal and power Integrity (SI/PI) design consultant, developing advancing packaging solutions for high-performance ASICs, as well as advancing complex FPGA designs. He is a Keysight ADS Certified Expert with expert-level proficiency in high-speed simulation solutions and multiple 3D EM solutions. He has expert-level proficiency with multiple test and measurement solutions, including oscilloscopes, vector network analyzers (VNA), Time Domain Reflectometers (TDRs), function generators, and EMC lab testing equipment. 

Senior Member, IEEE, and Keysight Certified Expert.

Education: MEngEE, Penn State University, BSEE, Purdue University, USAF Undergraduate Combat Systems Officer graduate, USAF Undergraduate Cyber Officer graduate, USAF Cyber Warfare School graduate

Don DeGroot, CCN
Longmont, CO

Specialties: Channel characterization by test and measurement: S-parameters, propagation constant, impedance, loss, delay skew, eye-patterns, TDR/T, circuit probes, probe stations, de-embedding methods, VNA calibrations, dielectric constant & loss tangent testing, circuit boards, cable assemblies, test fixtures, PCB production testing, test system integration, measurement-based design modification.

CCN provides signal integrity design and manufacturing support through consulting, lab services, test equipment, and integrated test systems. Much of CCN’s technology grew out of Don DeGroot’s interconnect and packaging research at NIST, and his previous high-frequency instrument design career. Bret Moreland, former test lab manager for a major storage-product company, oversees CCN Labs services. Both Bret and Don advise customers on SI test issues and design improvements based on measurements. Our most valuable support route is testing a channel that is not meeting spec (on-board, cable assembly, or board-to-board), measuring or extracting properties of the materials in the channel, then advising on design and manufacturing changes to increase channel performance. CCN's customers also purchase our probe stations, fixtures, and integrated test systems when they are ready to perform measurements in-house, or to test PCBs on the production floor.

Education: PhD EE, Northwestern University

Joseph (Jay) C. Diepenbrock, SIRF Consultants, LLC
Raleigh, NC

Specialties include:

  • Design review and diagnosis of SI problems
  • High speed serial channel design and materials selection
  •  Extensive design and test experience to 50 GHz
  • Time and Frequency Domain measurements and training using TDRs and VNAs, including fixture de-embedding
  • IEEE and Industry standards, including InfiniBand, 802.3 (Ethernet), SAS/S-ATA, and PCI-express
  • Printed circuit board, Connector, and Cable characterization
  •  MATLAB and Keysight PLTS software

Services include:

  •  Signal integrity design consulting and training
  •  Automated test system design and programming

Senior Member, IEEE, and Amateur Extra Class licensee.

Education: Sc. B. EE, Brown University, MSEE, Syracuse University

EMI Devices, LLC
Mission Viejo, CA

 EMI/EMC Compliance Consulting Services

  • System level design review for EMI Compliance
    • Grounding and shielding
    • Electrical design/layout review
  • PCB Stack-up review and PCB material selection recommendation
  • Schematic review focusing on EMI Compliance
  • Preliminary (engineering-bench level) EMI Scans
  • Post test data review along with the design improvement recommendations
    • Conducted Emissions
    • Radiated Emissions
    • Conducted Immunity
    • Radiated Immunity
  • Troubleshooting of EMI /EMC problems and test assistance in the lab
  • Design reviews focusing on identifying EMC related issues
  • Test Support
    • We can act as your company’s extension in the test lab

Hermann Ruckerbauer, EKH – EyeKnowHow
Deggendorf, Bavaria, Germany

Specialties: DRAM Memory Interfaces (DDR2/3/4/5, LPDDR2/3/4/5)

  • Failure Analysis of High Speed Signaling Interconnects
  • Embedded Computing platforms like ComExpress, Qseven or SMARC
  • Simulation (Keysight ADS certified expert)
  • Measurement e.g. with Oscilloscope, VNA, TDR
  • Design/Layout review
  • Pre-Compliance Testing RY/TX: PCIe, Sata, USB, Display Interfaces
  • Training on DRAM Memory (Open The Black Box of Memory) and Signal Integrity

EyeKnowHow is specialized in Failure Analysis if something is not working in High speed serial links or parallel Memory interfaces. EyeKnowHow combines the important knowledge and knows the tools required for Design/Layout Development and Analysis:

  •  High speed signaling KnowHow
  •  Simulation tools: Time and Frequency domain
  •  Measurement Equipment: Oscillscope, VNA, TDR
  •  Circuit Design
  •  PCB/Cable Material parameters
  • PCB Stackup
  •  Specifications of the interfaces
  • Controller features
  •  Assembly and Manufacturing Analysis: X-Ray, Crossection
  •  EDA tools to Review and Optimize Designs

Education: Dipl. Ing. Microsystemtechnology at Fachhochschule Regensburg, Germany

Hany Fahmy and Hideo Oie, Intelligent Solutions BVBA 
Belgium, and U.S., and Asia-Pacific

Specialties: High-speed digital and RF Design House. High speed digital experts of AMD/Xilinx and Cadence-IP. Each one of us holds 25+ years experience in signal integrity, power integrity, and EMC, designing a broad range of products ranging from server/datacenter platforms, embedded systems, and single-board-computer PCBs for the defense market to  backplanes, silicon interposers, ADAS systems for Automotive market segment, memory modules, GPU cards, and Silicon packages/interposers including 3DS. We are experts in the development of realistic design guidelines turning into post-layout accurately trading off between cost, performance, and power. We continuously develop top notch processes for fast root-cause-analysis & guarantee that systems we design meet the plan-of-record (POR) target from the first PCB/package revision, using our smart engineering skills to control performance and meet cost targets accurately for strong competition in the marketplace. We have 15 patents on our Wall of Fame. 

Interfaces with strong expertise & top customer satisfaction: Memory:DDR1/2/3/4/5/6, Low power LPDDR4/4X/5x & GDDR6/7, Ethernet 10G, 25G, 56G and Backplanes design, PCI-e Gen/2/3/4/5, SATA, DVI/HDMI/LVDS/DP, USB3/4 and GMSL2 channels as well as Silicon HBM & 3DS channels. We do have our own expert layout designers for both PCBs & packages. 

What makes us special? Innovative interconnect & High-Speed-Digital architect for I/O buffer design/modeling and electrical characterization of signal interconnects in the microwave/mm-wave frequency range, chartered to simulate, model, and lab characterize (VNA & BERT & scopes) advanced high speed digital solutions.

Education: Ph.D. and M.Sc. and long experience in Intel Corporation, NVIDIA Corporation, Agilent Technology, Toshiba, Texas Instruments & Micron Technology

Chris Heard, CSH Consulting LLC
Nashua, NH

Specialties: Simulation of high-speed serial channels and memory interfaces, engineering tool creation and automation. Striking a balance between excellent signal integrity and manufacturability. Tools used are Ansys HFSS, Ansys SIWave, Keysight ADS, Synopsys HSpice.

Education: BS, UMass Amherst

Lee Hill, Randal Vaughn, SILENT Solutions LLC & SILENT Solutions GmbH
Amherst, NH

Specialties: Worldwide EMC courses with hardware demonstrations & practical applications for design engineers. Our courses have been vetted by, IEEE, and University of Oxford. We provide worldwide rapid response hardware troubleshooting and retrofit of regulatory (EMI) and functional electrical noise problems. We also deliver custom EMC design reviews of electrical schematics, PCBs, cables, connectors, and enclosures.

SILENT Solutions LLC works with an average of 35 clients per year in the medical, consumer, scientific, industrial, automotive, MIL/aerospace, and semiconductor industries. We are two full-time electrical design engineers with RF design experience who only work on electrical noise problems, solutions, training, and design to avoid interference. We offer formal education, practical experience, and a proven track record of success in addressing electrical noise problems up to 20 GHz.

We teach practical courses for industry worldwide and graduate courses in EMC for Worcester Polytechnic Institute. We also provide educational seminars for the annual IEEE EMC Symposium’s Fundamentals and Global University programs.

Education:  MSEE Electromagnetics with highest honors, Missouri University of Science & Technology, BS Physics, Louisiana State

Todd Hubing, LearnEMC
Stoughton, WI

Specialties: LearnEMC helps companies build the in-house expertise they need to ensure their products will meet electromagnetic compatibility requirements. Training is provided in several forms to enhance the skills of both new and experienced technical professionals. LearnEMC also works directly with company engineers on the company’s own products to ensure EMC compliance; even before the first prototypes have been built and tested. Perform Circuit Board and System Design Reviews for Guaranteed Compliance with EMC Requirements.

Education: Ph.D., North Carolina State University

Cosmin Iorga, Ph.D.
Phone: 805-231-9786
Los Angeles, CA

Specialties: Power integrity + noise coupling + signal integrity in chip, package, PCB, and system applications. Problem solving, root-cause analysis, solution development, solution verification through modeling and simulation, solution validation through lab measurements. 

Experience: Over 20 years of experience in high-speed analog and mixed-signal circuit design and troubleshooting at system, board, and integrated circuit levels, with emphasis on signal integrity, power integrity, and noise coupling reduction. Cosmin has 14 patents covering innovative solutions in noise coupling reduction, power integrity, and signal integrity. Cosmin is the author of the book “Noise Coupling in Integrated Circuits: A Practical Approach to Analysis, Modeling, and Suppression”, and he teaches courses in analog circuit design, data converters, and power integrity at UCLA Extension.

Education: Ph.D. EE, Stanford University

Hans Klos, Sintecs B.V.
Phone: +31742555713
The Netherlands

Sintecs offers its clients a faster time-to-market in high-end electronic design. Over the past 20 years, the company’s steady growth has come from a world-class team of engineers.

Sintecs services range from signal and power integrity analyses, PCB design, embedded software development, hardware design and full product design.

Our customers are active in industrial automation, telecom, automotive, medical, and heavy machinery industries; also, we partner with governmental institutions.

Jim Reed, Optimal Designs Inc.
Austin, TX

While operating Optimal Designs over the last two decades, Mr. Reed has supported aerospace, defense, telecommunication, and consumer electronic industries for passive microwave component design using CST Studio Suite.

Specialties: Antennas, filters, connectors, cable assemblies, PCB layout, RF heating.

Services: Passive microwave component design using 3D EM simulation, simulation and design training courses, advance support, design reviews.

Marcel Swart and Sjoerd Op 't Land, Technolution B.V.
 Gouda, The Netherlands

Specialties: Technolution has over 30 years of experience in challenging, multi-disciplinary system design and integration. We design products for large companies as well as for start-ups. We have expertise in (high speed) electronics, FPGA development and embedded systems, as well as application software. We facilitate manufacturing, take care of (world-wide) EMC/safety certification and offer full life-cycle management. Application domains include medical, military, high assurance, public infrastructure, consumer, and industry. We have done board design for 10G-Ethernet, PCIe, DDR, HDMI, and other high speed serial interfaces. More recently, we also provided consultancy on chip packaging design for SI/PI.

We believe that by giving signal integrity, power integrity, RF, EMC, and manufacturability attention from the beginning, risks, and cost are significantly reduced. We convey that belief by organizing knowledge sharing events with the industry.

We can co-create with you along the entire design process by:

  • being a sparring partner for SI/PI/EMC-aware system architecture
  • pre-layout simulation for "what-if" analyses, stack-up, and connector selection
  • preliminary simulations during layout phase
  • post-layout simulation to check compliance with interface standards
  • prototyping high-speed structures and material characterization by VNA measurement and de-embedding
  • pre-compliance measurements
  • definition of compliance testing strategy.

Most simulations are carried out with Keysight ADS. Having our own product lines as well, we know how to cost-effectively balance modeling/analysis with prototyping.
 Education: BScEE Amsterdam, PhD INSA Rennes (cum laude).

Al Neves, Wild River Technology  
Portland, OR


  • Custom Technology Platforms for loss/material modeling from DC-70GHz, includes IEEE PG370 Plug and Play fixtures, models in HFSS, Simbeor and CST
  • Serial Link  custom platforms suited for 10-32Gbps NRZ and 56G PAM-4 which includes pristine loss, crosstalk, and pathological structures for advancing SERDES testing past compliance
  • Custom test fixture design to 70 GHz, including launch design and interconnect optimization
  • Custom Layout design, including high density routing, overall signal integrity analysis and risk mitigation for large high risk projects

40-70GHz test fixture design to IEEE P370 Top tier signal integrity metrics, general signal integrity including design, layout, 3D EM analysis with HFSS, post layout extraction, backplane signal integrity analysis and design, SERDES characterization, test technology vehicles or custom channel modeling platforms. 

Experience: WRT designs stellar quality test fixtures for connectors, backplanes, and technology vehicles including a host of pcb technology and elements. Our success rate for generating very good signal integrity has been 1st fabrication up to 50 GHz, typically we need another spin for 70 GHz. We also perform post layout signal integrity analysis of backplanes using COM, EDA simulations, and combination of time and frequency domain analysis.

Education: B.S. University of MA, Applied Mathematics

Bert Simonovich, Lamsim Enterprises Inc. (EST. 2009)
Stittsville, Ontario, Canada

Specialties: Specialist in high speed serial link architectures providing innovative signal integrity and backplane solutions to clients. Expert in PCB material characterization, high-speed serial link channel loss, and conductor roughness modeling.

Strategic consulting services include:

  • Working concurrently with clients during high-level architectural design phase of their project to address high-speed signal integrity concerns and ensuring successful first article build
  • Backplane conceptual designs through meticulous planning, defining, and optimizing backplane interconnect wiring
  • Design reviewing high-speed serial link routing and analysis
  • Signal | Power integrity post-layout design review and analysis
  • Defining and or sanitizing client PCB stack-ups and material selection to ensure it meets impedance and product performance goals using Polar SI9000 software
  • Customized signal integrity training and mentoring.

I am an accomplished professional providing solutions to technical challenges with broad experience from a distinguished 32 year career at Bell Northern Research/Nortel. During my tenure, I held a variety of hardware design, engineering and team leadership roles and pioneered several advanced technologies into products. After leaving Nortel in 2009, I founded Lamsim Enterprises, providing consulting services to my clients globally. I am passionate about high speed signal integrity, characterization and modeling. In addition to holding two U.S. patents, I invented the “Cannonball” conductor roughness model to easily determine Huray roughness parameters used in several electronic design automation (EDA) software tools. I authored several paper publications and presented at several industry conferences and webinars.

Education: EE Technologist, Senior member of IEEE, Keysight Certified Expert, Member of DesignCon's Technical Program Committee and Signal Integrity Journal's Editorial Advisory Board

Steve Sandler, PICOTEST
Phoenix, AZ

Specialties: Power, DC/DC converter, simulation, modeling, optimization, troubleshooting, automotive, Hi-Rel and characterization. Modeling and simulation is the key to optimum design.

I’ve supported projects as big as the particle accelerator at CERN and the international space station and also a small as a single capacitor model.

Peng Shao, System Architect and SI Consultant
Austin, TX. I can also support customers from China, TW, and Singapore

Professional Skills and Experiences: 15+ years work experiences on SI/PI/EMI high speed field, and system design.

  •  Outstanding capability on complicated system definition, verification and performance tuning, considerably shorten the time to market for customer.
  • Professional SI/PI/EMI solution for complex Chip-Package-System co-design to reduce the system design cost significantly.
  • Customer support and technical consultant on high speed system design and simulation.
  • System design and development based on different architecture from IBM, Intel, AMD and AD DSP etc.
  • Many years’ experience and skill on popular EDA tools: HyperLynx, HSpice, HFSS, Sigrity, SigXP, Expedition, Allegro, IE3D.
  • Published two books on high speed design in Chinese.

Rod Strange, Fast Edges
US, Europe, Asia, and South America


  • 30 years of SI consulting and SI classes.  See website for class syllabus.
  • SI class without the math just good real examples. Three day is normal and detailed.
  • Seven years as SI engineer at Intel and taught their designers SI.

Companies include Nokia (lived in Finland), Lucent (US, Europe, Brazil), IBM, Philips, Tektronix, Boeing, Rockwell, Dell, HP, Motorola, Samsung (Korea), Siemens, NSA, BAE Systems, Barco, Northrop Grumman, Intel, EADS, etc.

Education: BSEE and MSEE with patents and PE


  • Focused mostly on training to bring the digital designer up to speed on the dangers of fast ICs
  • Start from the beginning and make a digital designer aware of the perils of SI
  • Invite high speed layout designers to the class for layout rules

Ransom Stephens, Ransom's Notes


Ransom's Notes have been helping engineers advance to higher data rates since 2005 with intense training, articles, and webinars.

  • Ransom is an entertaining author and speaker with a legendary reputation for delivering a clear understanding of complex topics.
  • Training focuses on how to design better serdes, better circuits, better interconnects, better systems, and better ways to use test equipment to find problems and come up with solutions.
  • Creates the highest quality educational content—white papers, application notes, posters, trade magazine articles, and webinars—(a.k.a., technical marketing) for producers of precision instruments.
  • Understands all the acronyms and figures of merit you never wanted to know.


  • Author of over 400 articles in the electronics industry and science journals on subjects ranging from the analysis of electrodynamics in high-rate digital systems to popular science.
  • Pioneer of jitter and noise analysis and mitigation.
  • Winner of the 2017 Jim Williams Contributor of the Year ACE award for advancing understanding of design and engineering through articles, papers, seminars, and keynote speeches.

Education: Ph.D. Physics, UC Santa Barbara

Donald Telian, SiGuys
SIJ Author Page
Oakhurst, CA

Specialties: SiGuys’ three-fold services (SI Coaching, Training, and Consulting) ensure your projects and organization succeed in the world of high-speed serial links. See our website for more details. SiGuys consistently helps customers all over the planet migrate to next generation data rates, again and again. Our customers have tens of thousands of serial links in production spanning products from disk drives to cellular data routers. We’re known for clear communication and our ability to tailor services to match a client’s budget and schedule, and judge our success by a design team’s opinion of us when we’re done. Facing system failures due to SI? We quickly identify the problem and solution to get your project back on track. Real data, no nonsense.

Experience: Donald Telian is a pioneer in the field of Signal Integrity and the author of the new book “Signal Integrity, In Practice.” With over 40 years of SI experience, he effectively handles any project of any size. He is the originator of IBIS modeling, the inventor of the PCI bus, and has published award-winning papers and technical articles for more than 30 years. 

Education:  BSECE, UCSB

Jeffrey L. Walden, EMC/SI RF

Specialties: High-speed connector design, very high-frequency RF connectors (>200 GHz), & multi-physics

Education: BSEE Rose Hulman Institute of Technology. Decades modeling with empirical testing from Motorola (RF design) thru TE Connectivity (AMP Inc in the day). Over 20 years consulting utilizing CST, a licensee using all solvers tho mostly the HF solvers T, TLM, & FD. 

Experience: Even though I specialize using CST there have been a few significant projects using HFSS. I have moderate 3D mechanical CAD (SolidWorks) to augment 3D modeling per customer needs. Over all, I am expert at modeling any 3D model for multi-physics. Susceptibility and/or emission (EMC/EMI), multi-pin SI, thru photonics. 

Matthew Warnes and Pete Warnes, Dotstar Design
Offices in UK, serving the whole of Europe.

We specialize in specification, design, layout, simulation and manufacturing of whole Electronic systems. But we also serve customers who just need help with the parts of the process that they are struggling with. This is often to provide consultancy on just SI/PI aspects of a design that they are doing. We would prefer to be involved early in the project but rarely have that luxury.

Kenneth Wyatt, Wyatt Technical Services LLC
Please contact via website.
Woodland Park, CO

Specialties: An independent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) consulting firm that specializes in product design for compliance, troubleshooting and training services for commercial and industrial manufacturers in the consumer, computer, network & telecommunications, industrial, military & aerospace, and scientific industries. 

Training Services: We specialize in training - from the basics of EMC design, to more advanced circuit and layout design. We have on-line and live training modules for circuit designers, systems & mechanical engineers and circuit board layout specialists.

EMC Design Reviews: We can review your schematics, circuit board layout, layer stack-up, system & mechanical design prior to prototype build. 

Pre-Compliance Testing: This service may be performed throughout your design cyclefrom board level to breadboard and pre-production systems.

EMC Troubleshooting Trilogy Published: We recently published three affordable volumes on how to specify the right instruments, probes, and other accessories, and how to use these to perform your own emissions and immunity troubleshooting in-house! Available from Amazon.

Education: BS Biology and BSEE from University of California.

Iliya Zamek, Ph.D., ZI Consulting
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Specialties: Product Engineering including Validation, Testing, SI/PI problems, and Development of ICs, Serdes, SOCs, AI and ML processors, and other Electrical and Optical Devices. Analysis and enhancement of manufacturing processes and increasing product Yield and performance. Signal and Power Integrity – analysis of noise and jitter, measurements, and suppression in a system of Chip/Package/PCB; methodology to design system PDN with reduced noise and jitter. 

Experience: 25+ years in high-speed analog, digital, and mixed-signal Electrical, and Optical devices testing and characterization. Examples include ASIC, FPGA, PLL & CDR, XO, high speed Serdes, TOSA & ROSA with 28 Gb/s PAM4 and 56 Gb/s NRZ formats, Optical 100G & 400G Transceivers, etc. Design and development of Test systems (Bench, R&S, and ATE), test plans and test methodologies, devices validation, test results analysis, and solving complex problems at leading new products introduction (NPI). Awarded 20 patents and published over 50 papers.

Education: BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Physics and Electronics