EMI test sites for radiated emission measurements in the 1 GHz to 18 GHz frequency range rely on free space conditions to minimize the influence of reflections on the received signal. Practically, this is achieved using shielded enclosures that are fully lined with RF absorbing material (fully anechoic room, FAR). Site validation determines the deviations from the free space conditions that are necessary to meet the acceptance criterion for performing EMI compliance measurements in a FAR. This site validation is performed by measuring the site voltage standing wave ratio (SVSWR), which is the ratio of the maximum received signal to the minimum received signal caused by interference between direct (intended) and reflected signals. The R&S ZNB vector network analyzer together with the R&S HF907 double-ridged waveguide horn antenna provides fast and accurate TD SVSWR measurements in line with ANSI C63.25.

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