Wenzel Associates, Inc.

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Since 1978 Wenzel Associates has defned the state-of-the-art in ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillators. Wenzel designs and manufactures crystal oscillators, fxed frequency systems, integrated microwave assemblies and synthesizers to X-band. Blue Tops modules, ultra-low noise multiplied microwave sources from our MXO line, and very low noise custom IMAs provide building blocks for systems throughout the world.

Wenzel Associates produces over 15,000 oscillators per year for commercial markets. Wenzel’s precise, low noise signals are used in up/down converters, frequency counters and cellular base stations and Wenzel’s oscillators are the internal references in most commercially available phase noise measurement test sets.

Contact Information:

Contact: sales@wenzel.com
Phone: (512) 450-1400
Fax: (512) 450-1490


Wenzel Associates, Inc.
1005 La Posada Drive
Austin TX 78752
United States


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