Morion US, LLC

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Contact: James Meyers
Title: Business Development
Phone: (408) 329-8108


Morion US, LLC
1750 Meridian Ave.
San Jose CA 95150
United States

Located in California’s Silicon Valley, Morion US, LLC is the American affiliate of Morion, Inc. Morion is well-known both in Europe and globally as a designer and manufacturer of quartz frequency control products (FCP) – quartz oscillators (OCXO, TCXO & VCXO), filters and crystals dedicated to various applications such as telecommunications, navigation, test & measurement, digital broadcasting, search and rescue systems. Morion supports and continuously improves quality control system based on Space and Military standards as well as International industry standards. Morion is ISO-9001 certified and has extensive participation in space programs – more than 2 000 units working in Space.


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