MIcable Inc.

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MIcable Inc. is a high-tech enterprise formed by SSI CABLE CORPORATION of the USA and Mitron Inc. of China which manufactures and sells microwave coaxial cable assemblies. SSI CABLE CORPORATION has been manufacturing microwave coaxial cable assemblies since 1989 and now is a leading supplier of these items. Using innovative and state of art manufacturing process and technology, their products are widely used in aircraft, radar, communication networks, and other applications. Customers of SSI include Alcatel, Intel, ITT, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Loral Skynet, Raytheon, Rockwell Collins, and others. The establishment of MIcable Inc. exhibits the ideal cooperation between US technology experience and China’s low manufacturing cost and abundant RF talent resource. MIcable will provide high performance and low cost microwave coaxial cable assemblies for Chinese and global customers.  

Contact Information:

Contact: Chen Ling
Title: General Manager Assistant


MIcable Inc.
4F, Build.29, Soft Park Zone A
Fuzhou 350003


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