Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Company Profile

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies provides RF/Microwave solutions encompassing every facet of design and production. High performance connectors, cables and assemblies cover a wide selection of sizes, materials and operating frequencies. Connectors include SMP, SSMP®, 1.85mm, 2.92mm, SSMA, SMA, BMA, TNC, Type N, phase adjusters and specialty connectors. Assemblies include Semi-Rigid, Semi-Flex®, Flexible Coax, Phased Match, Delay lines and Workhorse® Test Cables. Headquartered in St. Augustine, FL, Carlisle has operations in California, Florida, Washington and China.

Contact Information:

Contact: Peter Kulaga
Phone: (800) 458-9960
Fax: (904) 829-3447


Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
100 Tensolite Dr.
St. Augustine FL 32092
United States


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