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The Role of PCB Materials in Printed-Circuit Impedance

Printed circuits for high-speed and high-frequency applications rely on fine-featured transmission lines for signal transmission. Ideally, the loss through these transmission lines is minimal, and this requires an electrical impedance that is consistent and without interruptions, and with a value most appropriate for the types of signals to be transferred through the circuit. However, a number of factors can affect the impedance of a PCB, including the physical and electrical characteristics of the circuit and circuit material, but by reviewing and better understanding these variables, their effects can be minimized.

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Book Review - A Practical Guide to EMC Engineering

Levent Sevgi, who has worked with electromagnetics for almost three decades, wrote this book to address the breadth of EMC engineering topics that are not covered by more specialized texts: market control, accreditation, calibration, EMC testing and measurement and mitigation.

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Engineer What’s Next – NIWeek 2017

This is the first year that NIWeek has taken place in late May instead of its normal early August time slot and switches permanently to this part of the calendar. NIWeek 2017 kicked off with new CEO Alex Davern paying tribute to Dr. T with a standing ovation from the audience. Read this summary of what happened at NIWeek 2017.

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How Bad are Swiss Cheese Planes?

Holey Swiss cheese offers a popular metaphor for describing planes with a high density of clearance holes, usually under a BGA escape. The concern of many designers is the impact on the inductance in the power and ground planes due to all those holes. Since the gaps between them is narrow, won’t they constrict the current, dramatically increasing the series resistance and the loop inductance of the planes?

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Get it Right the Second Time

We all strive to, “Get it right the first time,” in our designs, and focus on skills, techniques and tools to help us achieve this. But we should also pay attention to the skills, techniques and tools to “Get it right the second time.” This is a phrase Dave Graef, CTO and General Manager of Teledyne LeCroy likes to use.

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My Visit to the EMI Test Lab - Part of the Fun of Science

Last week, I had the chance to visit with Dennis King at his EMI Test Lab in Longmont, Colorado. While Dennis has been doing EMI testing for more than 30 years, he set up his independent test lab in 2004. With a GTEM and 3-m anechoic chamber, plus stations for ESD and susceptibility testing, he routinely performs testing for CE Mark and FCC emissions and immunity requirements.

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DesignCon 2017: A Cornucopia of Information

DesignCon is like drinking from a firehose. No where will you find a higher density of SI/PI/EMI experts, all in one place. This year, there are over 100 technical presentations, spread over 14 parallel tracks in seven sessions over two days, plus events in the Chiphead Theater, five panel discussions, eight education tutorials by Keysight and three keynote speeches.

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