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Avoiding GIGO with Field Solvers

In this article, Bert Simonovich explores how to avoid “garbage in, garbage out” with field solvers by building an understanding of the nuances of PCB fabrication processes, the interpretation manufacturers’ data sheets, and the tool’s user interface.

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Understanding Via Impedance

Signal Integrity, In Practice

In this article, Donald Telian supplies a reference point for making the task of implementing via impedances, thus removing via impedance discontinuities, less daunting. Read on to find out how he can help.

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Zero Cost SerDes System Channel Simulation

In this paper, John Baprawski gives an overview of modeling SerDes systems in a channel simulator, introduces the zero-cost tools available at, and gives an example of simulating a SerDes system with Tx and Rx IBIS-AMI models – all to bring the SI engineer a low cost path for modeling and simulating SerDes systems.

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Fixing Signal Integrity Issues in Software

Signal Integrity, In Practice

In this article, Donald Telian shares an excerpt from his new book, “Signal Integrity, In Practice,” exploring how optimizing SES both fixes problems and improves system performance. He posits it’s crucial for hardware and SI engineers to understand how to optimize SES; read on to see why he attributes such importance to it. 

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Book Review: Signal Integrity in Practice by Don Telian

If you’ve just started on the path of designing high-speed serial links or have designed dozens of your own, Don Telian’s Signal Integrity in Practice is the book that will accelerate your engineering judgment and possibly save you from multiple design spins. Eric Bogatin takes a closer look at what he considers a must-have book for new and experienced engineers.


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EDI CON Online 2024 Educational Days

4/24/24 10:00 am to 2:00 pm EDT

EDI CON Online Webinar Series

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