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Practical PCB Layout for SI/PI/EMC: What an EE Needs to Know to Survive PCB Manufacturing


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7/24/18 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST

Event Description

Title:  Practical PCB Layout for SI/PI/EMC: What an EE Needs to Know to Survive PCB Manufacturing

Date:  July 24, 2018

Time:  10am PT/ 1pm ET

Presented By:  Dr. Eric Bogatin, Editor SIJ and Adjunct Prof, University of Colorado, Boulder

Sponsored by:  Passive Plus Inc. and Teledyne LeCroy


If interconnects were transparent, this would be a very short webinar. But in all except the very simplest boards, the interconnects are not transparent. There are three general performance categories of boards based on the range of problems they will encounter. In the short time we will have, all we can do is introduce the best design practices to pay attention to in each of these three general classes of boards. 

Even at the low performance end, all boards will suffer from ground bounce and power rail collapse. In the mid-range, 50 MHz to 1 GHz signals bandwidths, there are three additional problems that generally arise; reflection noise, cross talk and EMI. Finally, at the high end, above 1 GHz, losses and differential pair problems dominate interconnect performance. We'll see how design decisions and board material decisions influence taming SI/PI and EMI problems.

Who should attend:

Any engineer who cares about how the design features in their board will affect its performance. This includes hardware engineers, layout engineers and product designers. If you have signal integrity problems, this is the seminar for you. If you don't think you have signal integrity problems, this webinar is even more important for you because you probably do. 

Presenter Bio:

Eric Bogatin, is currently the editor of the Signal Integrity Journal, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado - Boulder in the ECEE dept, a Signal Integrity Evangelist with Teledyne LeCroy, and Dean of the Teledyne LeCroy Signal Integrity Academy.  Bogatin received his BS in physics from MIT and MS and PhD in physics from the University of Arizona in Tucson. He has held senior engineering and management positions at Bell Labs, Raychem, Sun Microsystems, Ansoft and Interconnect Devices. He has written six technical books in the field and presented classes and lectures on signal integrity worldwide.

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