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Mastering Jitter Analysis and Multi-Gigabit Technology


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6/25/18 9:00 am to 6/26/18 5:00 pm AST


Location: University of Oxford, UK
Dept for Continuing Education
United Kingdom

Event Description

Ransom Stephens is coming to the University of Oxford in 2018 to teach his world-leading course on jitter analysis. • Learn how to identify different types and causes of jitter. • See how to calculate the effect of each jitter source on the all-important BER (bit error ratio). • Diagnose which jitter problems should be corrected in order to pass standards compliance requirements or to meet design margins. • Enable multi-gigabit data rates on serial channels by reducing the impact of jitter on the BER. • Gain a thorough understanding of how embedded clocking and equalization technology works.