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EMC By Your Design A Practical Applications Seminar & Workshop

EMC By Your Design A Practical Applications Seminar & Workshop


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4/25/18 to 4/27/18


Location: Northbrook Hilton Hotel
Northbrook, IL
United States

Event Description



Gain an in-depth understanding and working knowledge of EMC design principles and apply them to your product.

EMC is often put off to the last phase of development … but it can't be ignored. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) has many implications on several levels and most engineers working with electrical or electronic products have to deal with its many facets every day. In an IEEE survey of colleges and universities, it was found to be included in the curriculum in only ten engineering programs. As an explanation for this professors have commented that often there is so much to teach, EMC is given only a cursory nod. With this EMC training course, you can continue your education in a way that will help you get your products on the market sooner.

Learning how to design your product so it complies with EMC regulations can save you from having a finished product that fails during its regulatory compliance testing. Redesigning or adding fixes to a failed product can be expensive and time consuming.

You will learn the methodology of how to minimize EMC problems, starting with the design process through final testing and approval, all of which will be brought to life through hands-on practical application to real life products.

Included with the seminar:

  1. A large workbook of the slides used in class
  2. Worksheets used to calculate harmonics from PCB, cable emissions and cabinet shielding
  3. Computer software used to make some of the calculations
  4. Textbook: Controlling Radiated Emissions by Design, 3rd edition
  5. Specific examples and calculations
  6. Lunch each day

Other Benefits

  • Taking this seminar will introduce EMC concepts and present the opportunity to ask questions to enhance the participant's knowledge.
  • Touring the facility provides an opportunity to enlighten students on the processes and challenges faced in the lab during final testing. The tour enables participants the opportunity to ask questions of the test engineers about equipment and adherence to the testing processes outlined in the standards.
  • Consultation sessions encourage the students to transfer information learned in the classroom to a realistic application in the workplace. If a project is not available at the time of the course but students are engaged in configuring or anticipating a new project, this is an excellent opportunity to utilize the techniques outlined in class to design electromagnetic compliance into the new project! By discussing the project, application and the application environment with an experienced EMC engineer, students see the course content come alive and see the relevance of that content to their specific needs.
  • Training at this seminar provides a unique opportunity during the product review to discuss specific issues related to a current or past projects.
  • Students are offered the opportunity to bring a project for a free 45-minute design evaluation with the instructor or his associate. Taking advantage of this opportunity could save money and time.
  • Interacting with other students and the training staff enable the student the opportunity to trade ideas and discuss issues with peers.