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Bridging the Electro-Thermal Divide


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8/29/17 11:00 am to 12:00 pm EST

Event Description

Signal Integrity Webinar Series

Title: Bridging the Electro-Thermal Divide

Date: August 29, 2017

Time: 8am PT / 11am ET

Sponsored by: ANSYS

Presented by: Dr. Steven Gary Pytel, Jr.

This webinar will discuss electro-thermal design solutions to problems resulting from increased power densities in electronic products. But in order for these solutions to actually work, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers need a better way to design and collaborate so that electronic products are robust and meet reliability specifications.

That’s exactly what ANSYS HFSS provides. It now incorporates ANSYS Icepak within the Electronics Desktop, puts “Predictive Thermal Design” directly into the hands of Electrical Engineers and enables them to improve collaboration with Mechanical Engineers. ANSYS Icepak features highly accurate predictive simulation based on Computational Electromagnetics and Fluid Dynamics, and engineers can easily share models and results with each other. This collaborative approach truly provides a better way for engineers to solve electro-thermal problems of any model designed in Mechanical CAD (MCAD) or Electrical CAD (ECAD). Join us as we cover topics that go from “Chip to Product” and learn how ANSYS simulation software reliably predicts electro-thermal behavior over staggering scales of size that range from a 7nm silicon device to a 15m-long fighter jet.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Steven Gary Pytel, Jr. is the Lead Electronics Business Product Manager at ANSYS, Inc. He previously worked at Intel Corporation as a Senior Signal Integrity and Hardware Design Engineer, where he helped design Blade, Telecom, and Enterprise servers. He has over 50 publications with an invited book chapter on signal integrity simulation within Maxwell’s Equations: The Foundations of Signal Integrity authored by Paul Huray.