November 27, 2018

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VRM Modeling: A Strategy to Survive the Collision of Three Worlds

By Steve Sandler, Larry Smith, and Eric Bogatin

This paper reviews four levels of VRM models that VRM designers, board level interconnect designers, semiconductor designers, and product managers often use to explore design tradeoffs throughout the PDN system. The choice of which one to use involves considering engineers’ levels of expertise and what problems they expect to analyze. Some tradeoffs and relative merits of the models are described.



Keysight Technologies Enables ON Semiconductor to Deliver a Reliable Design Solution for Power Devices

Keysight Technologies, Inc. announced that the company has been selected as an electronic design automation partner by ON Semiconductor, delivering a design solution for power devices that increases reliability and accelerates time-to-market.


Analog Devices’ Latest Safety Isolated CAN FD Transceivers Deliver 12 Mbps

Analog Devices, Inc. extended its transceiver product line for controller area networks with flexible data-rate (CAN FD). The galvanically isolated iCoupler® digital isolation ADM3055E IC series exceeds the industry standard of 5 Mbps with 12 Mbps performance, and it is fully backward compatible with existing CAN and CAN FD designs.


Rohde & Schwarz

Radio Equipment Directive for Sound and TV Broadcast Receivers

By Rohde & Schwarz

One of the key differences between the R&TTE directive and the new radio equipment directive (RED) is the inclusion of sound and TV broadcast receivers. The ETSI EN 303 340 standard is applicable to digital terrestrial television broad-cast receivers supporting DVB-T and/or DVB-T2 signals. Download the app note to learn more.

Upcoming Webinar

SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes

Test Vehicles for Benchmarking 3D Full-Wave Solver Performance

High-speed designers who need to design test fixtures as well as backplane designers working on 10-32Gb/s NRZ to 112G PAM-4 can benefit from adopting high-confidence design methodologies when using 3D full-wave solvers. This webinar aims to help you build better test, characterization, and backplane systems, by improving understanding and avoiding the common pitfalls. Learn more and register today.


Keysight Technologies, How to Solve Signal Integrity Problems: The Basics

In this video, we will show you how to use basic signal integrity (SI) analyses such as eye diagrams, S-parameters, TDR and single pulse response to solve signal integrity problems. The video links you to an example ADS workspace already set up with the essential SI simulations. Watch now.



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